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Teapresso Bar Waipahu

Boba Tea!!! It's all the rage, but what exactly is it??? The real question is what ISN'T it...besides pure greatness. Teapresso Bar in Waipahu serves up some of the tastiest drinks in town.

So, how does it work...

First, you decide if you want a hot tea or an iced tea(iced is most popular and refreshing).

Next up, you pick a tea flavor from their wide selection of fruity, floral, or more traditional flavors like black tea and green tea.

Then you get to choose a flavor like coconut, lychee(my fav), caramel, chocolate, mango, and more to add to your tea.

Ok, we're almost done...(last three steps)...

Adding can choose to add milk of any variety to your drink(both regular and dairy-free).

Now, you pick your level of sweetness from 0% up to 100%.

Lastly, this is where it gets fun...PICK YOUR BOBA!!! Teapresso offers sooo many varieties of Boba(tapioca balls) like crystal, strawberry, or traditional small or large. You can skip the Boba altogether and add cubes of lychee jelly or coffee jelly.

If you're not up for a Boba Tea, don't worry Teapresso offers plenty of other drinks like smoothies, frappes, slushies, and traditional coffees and teas.

Click here for their hours and location.

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