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O. M. J!!!! While we have visited a bunch of farmer's markets on island and had lots of great eatz, this burger is a jaw-dropper for sure.

Journey.hfc served up not only one of the most unique looking burgers on island but one of the most insatiable!

QUALITY is the keyword here for sure. The handmade lava bun held the precise amount of buttery sweetness, chew, and fluff to be the vessel that could house not only one but TWO of some of the finest hand-formed, grass-fed beef patties. These burger patties were seared to perfection on the grill and had a crust that locked in every ounce of oozy greatness. Not only were the burgers juicy and packed full of flavor, but they were enveloped in gooey cheddar cheese, caramelized sweet onions, a garlic aioli sauce, and the THICKESSSST crackly bacon.

This is NOT your average burger.

Journey.hfc comes to three farmers markets on island. Click here to see their hours and locations.

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