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Honolulu Coffee Company

Shopping the many hallways of Ala Moana can be an exhausting task. But what better way to relax for a minute than to stop by Honolulu Coffee Company. Not only do they offer the perfect caffeinated pick-me-up, but they also offer some great snacks as well. Today's treat was a "create your own" Acai bowl. Acai is a dark purple berry that grows on specific palm trees and is blended to perfection into a sweet yet slightly tart sorbet type of dessert. I love to add my own toppings and pictured here you will see blueberries, cacao nibs, bananas, and almond butter drizzled on top. Honolulu Coffee Co offers lots of toppings with some local favorites like macadamia nuts and pineapples. If you are ready to rest for a minute in between all that retail therapy, stop by Honolulu Coffee Co and experience a great little treat.

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